The Gaffer District: Reasons For Receiving Recognition From TripAdvisor

Do you know why the Gaffer District in Corning New York was recently recognized by TripAdvisor?

First off, Gaffer District is Corning’s downtown destination for shopping cultural and entertainment events, residential neighborhood. Classified as a historic district, visitors will find busy streets, happening restaurants and bars, bustling stores, a movie theater, world-class museums, art galleries and multi-story living.

Corning’s Gaffer District is classified as a historic district but is bustling with tourists and tourist activities

What Gaffer District Offers
It is described by TripAdvisor as “home to historic walking areas” and where you can find the world-renowned Coring Museum of Glass and Corning, Inc. It makes up approximately one-third of Corning City and includes Historic Market Street – a place with an abundance of unique gifts and cultural festivals.

Corning’s Gaffer District is home to historic walking areas

The premier travel website, TripAdvisor has given recognition awards to many places all over the world that have earned the respect and admiration of travelers. This year Gaffer District received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor – the premier website. The recognition serves to honor excellence in hospitality which is given only to establishments that have been constantly reviewed for excellence by random travelers on TripAdvisor. And according to a news release, the accolade has been extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Recipients of this award are found all over the world and these business establishments are representatives of the upper tier of businesses listed on the website.

Award From TripAdvisor
For many establishments like Market Street Coffee & Tea, getting an award from TripAdvisor is absolutely exciting and something worth celebrating, according to the owner of Market Street Coffee & Tea and vice president of marketing for the Gaffer District Association, Pam Weachock. Most people visit the TripAdvisor website to check the places they plan to go to before they actually visit. For the district and the establishments listed on TripAdvisor, it means a lot when people check out what they can do in the places they want to visit. TripAdvisor provides that sense to travelers.

How Are The Winners Selected?
TripAdvisor uses a proprietary algorithm designed to:

  • determine the honorees
  • take into account reviews and ratings from travelers

In order to be considered an honoree, businesses must sustain an overall bubble rating of a minimum of four out of five, recency of reviews being considered and volume. TripAdvisor also added criteria on business’ popularity ranking of the site and tenure.

Top Historic Walking Area
The Gaffer District is recognized as a top performing Historic Walking Area based on the travelers’ reviews on the world’s largest travel website. And as if that wasn’t enough recognition, TripAdvisor awarded the “TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence” for the year 2014. Aside from that, this historic downtown is known for its exceptional dining, arts, shopping and beautifully restored buildings. Close to a million people visit Corning every year to tour the famous Corning Museum of Glass, or explore the Finger Lakes region.

Who wouldn’t give a good review with a scene like this?

What Gaffer District Offers
And when asked about the origin of its name, almost instantly, locals will explain that a gaffer is someone who is a master glassblower and the name pays tribute to the Corning’s glass heritage. Most popular among the nationally-recognized yearly festivals and events are:

  • The Wineglass Marathon – a holiday event preferred by families
  • Sparkle and GlassFest – a celebration of fine arts and glass that lasts for four days
  • Jazz & Harvest Festival
  • Visits to The Corning Museum of Glass
  • Rockwell Museum of Western Art – visitors get a sneak peak at the Best of the West in the East – art that is, housed on three floors of incredible artwork pieces.

Don’t you love to see incredibly beautiful and artistic glass pieces?

There is also the Corning Farmers Market in the Riverfront Centennial Park which is open to the public offering a vast variety of fresh local produce, handmade crafts, and baked goods. For those who want to enjoy museums, galleries, shops and restaurants, a visit to the Corning Farmers Market, it is indeed a great way to experience Corning’s Gaffer District.

Have you marked your calendar for a holiday in the Gaffer District?